Full-stack Engineer.

Student at Olin College.

Data Devourer.


I'm an Electrical and Computer Engineering junior at Olin College in Needham, MA.

At Babson College, our neighboring business school, I mentor new programmers as part of the PBJ club!

I graduated from Design Tech High School in Redwood City, CA in 2021.


I'm currently interning at Zoox, working on AI and autonomy safety verification!

I was a full-stack engineer and the 3rd employee at Trailblaze in 2021, trailblazing their back-end infrastructure.

My first internship was in 2019 (when I was 16), where I interned at GoGuardian as a full-stack engineer, working on converting a core microservice from Node.js to Go.

I gave a lightning talk at GopherCon 2020, and loved attending in both 2022 and 2023.


I've got years of experience with these tools, but I'm always learning new ones.

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😉 Employ me

👋 Just say hey!

On the employment side, I'm on the lookout for full-time software or digital design (EE) roles starting in Summer 2025.

I'm also happy to help out if you're having issues with a project on my GitHub.

Reach out and say hi!